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In London, GINSTR was voted the world's best gin for gin & tonic. Among 600 brands from 90 countries, GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin was officially the best gin in the world!

But how do you make the world's best gin and tonic?


You need:

1/3 GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin
2/3 tonic water
Ice cubes
1 sprig of rosemary
1 lemon zest

Fill the glass with ice cubes, the more the better - the drink does not water down because the cubes cool each other.
Then pour GINSTR into the glass and add the tonic water. The amount of gin depends on personal taste. We recommend a mixing ratio of 1:2 (normal) or 1:3 (weak).
Then add a sprig of rosemary and a lemon zest to the glass. Peel them from the skin of a washed lemon with a thin knife or zest ripper.
And that is how you mix yourself the world's best gin and tonic!

PS: Which tonic water you use is up to you. The IWSC has tasted all 600 gin brands in London with the Fever-Tree Indian Tonic. That's how we won the Gin & Tonic Trophy, so that would be the winning recipe. However, we ourselves prefer the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic because it is more spicy and floral. If you like it very classic, take the very dry Schweppes Dry (silver label) and if you prefer something a little sweeter: Thomas Henry Indian Tonic. However, we have never tried any tonic water that did not match GINSTR - so try it!