GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin - the limited TVB 1898 Stuttgart Edition


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The official TVB Stuttgart Edition from GINSTR - Stuttgart Dry Gin. Limited to 711 bottles per season - the well-known and award-winning GINSTR taste with a handball look. GINSTR is an official partner of the Handball Bundesliga club TVB Stuttgart 1898.
This limited edition was bottled by the handball stars of TVB Stuttgart in the GINSTR distillery. World champion Jogi Bitter and his colleagues from the strongest handball league in the world were busy all day to bring this special edition into the limited 711 bottles.

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GINSTR-Stuttgart Dry Gin-TVB Handball Stuttgart

Made with Stuttgart botanicals and Cannstatt mineral water. 46 best herbs, flowers and fruits. Fresh citrus flavors, the finest juniper, a hint of rosemary and everything from 0711 for 0711 - simply GINSTR.

GINSTR is officially the world's best gin for gin & tonic - according to IWSC in London - sole winner of the "Gin Tonic Trophy 2018" among 600 brands from 90 countries.

The contents of the bottle: 0.5 liters, 44 vol. % Alcohol (equivalent to 69.80 euros per litre)
Origin: Stuttgart, Germany
Filling quantity: Only 711 bottles per Batch
Botanicals: Juniper berries, Citrus, Orange Blossom, 
Elderflower, Cardamom , Rosemary
and 40 other best ingredients
Peculiarities: Without Dyes
Without Additives
100% vegan